William Grover Barnard founded Vitamix in 1921, when he started traveling and selling modern kitchen appliances. Their first hit came in 1937, when the company introduced their first blender, which they promoted as a versatile kitchen tool. The company also became a pioneer when, in 1949, the founder went on television to demonstrate the power of the Vitamix blender in the very first infomercial.

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The Vitamix 1002 Vita-Prep Food Blender is truly a leader in its class. Not only
The Vitamix 1005 Vita Prep 3 Food Ble
The Vitamix 1195 blender container includes a wet blade assembly and a lid with an easily removable
Vitamix 15596 Retainer Nut Wrench. Overall Dimensions: Length: 8.25" Width: 3" H
Vitamix 15978 Container. Overall Dimensions: Length: 10" Width: 6" Height: 6"
This Vitamix 40010 48-Oz Blending Station® Advance is perfect for fron
The Vitamix 570 Single Head Ice Cream Agitator
The Vitamix 748 Drink Machine Two-Speed Bar Blender
This blender container is compatible with BarBoss® and Drink Machine Vitamix blenders, as well as t
Vitamix 760 Tamper. Overall Dimensions: Length: 12.5" Width: 3.138" Height: 3.13
Vitamix 1442 Rinse-O-Matic. Overall Dimensions: Length: 12" Width: 5" Height: 5"
The Vitamix Quiet One® 36019 blender is designed with vibration-dampening construction to operate q