Flake ice is granular type of ice, perfect for display of fresh fish or for use in buffet service by hotels as it moisturizes and refrigerates all fresh products to perfection. Flake ice has a residual water (unfrozen) content of 25%, thus capable of transferring moisture onto the products being refrigerated. Flake ice is also perfect for use in research labs and bio-medical, life sciences and healthcare applications.

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Ice-O-Matic Self-Contained Flake Ice Makers offer a variety of practical, reliable options for caref
Ice-O-Matic MFI0800A Features Condeser: water cooled Evaporator is
Ice-O-Matic MFI1256A Features Condeser: water cooled Evaporator is
Ice Maker, flake-style, air-cooled, self-contained condenser, 36-49/64"W x 26-59/64"D x 27-9/16"H, p